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New TEMPORARY base for the Science Centre

October 25, 2010

We are proud to announce that we have now settled into our new temporary base, where the head office shall remain until The Cape Town Science Centre reopens in 2011.

The time leading up to the move brought upon mixed emotions for the team. The past 10 years spent at Canal Walk have been amazing and we have grown so much. The change can be daunting. It seemed to just creep up on us, and suddenly, there we were, packing up the last of the stationary from the head office, and en-route to our new headquarters. Alas, as frightening as change can be at times, it is necessary for growth, and very exciting times lie ahead in THE NEXT STEP.

Packing the Pickfords van: the first of many trips to our new base.

The move would not have been possible without the professional services of Pickfords. The team of movers worked hard to ensure that the process was as quick and painless as possible, and all in a days’ work.

Another load!

We are now safely set up and ready to continue with our major goal, to open the new and improved Cape Town Science Centre. Our education department has everything they need to continue with our sterling outreach programme, and the WCED Mobile Sciencentre continues – business as usual!!

The Science Centre wouldn’t be the same without the constant hive of activity that takes place on a daily basis. It’s what keeps us on our toes, always ready to take on the next challenge, always looking for our next adventure.

THE NEXT STEP is upon us, and it is with your continued support and positivity that we will be able to effectively carry our massive public fundraising campaign in order to open our doors next year as new and improved Cape Town Science Centre. We need your support.
Help us make history, by spreading the word and awareness, so we can build a better future for science and the Cape Town Science Centre together!
Your support will make a difference! Science is the future, lets embrace it together!
E-mail us on:
Or call us on: T: 021 405 9435 F: 021 405 9436
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We got the intention to further invention!
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