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Save our science centre

March 8, 2011


“SAVE OUR SCIENCE CENTRE” on 50/50 on SABC 2 tonight @ 7.30pm

November 29, 2010

Were you just wondering what was on the box this evening?
Well look no further…

Watch 50/50 on SABC 2 TONIGHT (Monday 29 November) @ 19:30 – WE ARE ON!

We at The Cape Town Science Centre are doing everything in our power to SAVE OUR SCIENCE CENTRE and we are asking for your support as we take this next step in our journey of rejuvenation and refurbishment

Don’t for get to sms SCIENCE to 38021

Sowing the SEEDS of science

November 18, 2010

The MTN Mobile Sciencentre is spreading their usual scientific stimulation in and around Cape Town. This week, however they have a particularly exciting task at hand!

Thanks to Scifest® Africa, for the opportunity to participate, the MTN Mobile Sciencentre is currently partnering with the SEEDS programme. Scifest® Africa is South Africa’s National Science Festival® established in 1997 as a project of the Grahamstown Foundation to promote an awareness of science, technology, engineering and mathematics amongst the general public of South Africa, and to encourage the youth to embark on careers and become leaders in these fields. The project consists of a festival held in Grahamstown each year, with a programme featuring over 600 events hosted over seven days, as well 12 outreach projects hosted around the country throughout the remainder of the year.

The Systemic Education and Extra-Mural Development and Support (SEEDS) is a four-year project funded by the Royal Netherlands Embassy to benefit education in the Western Cape with particular emphasis on maths and science education. Scifest Africa is one of the implementing agencies taking science outreach tours to disadvantaged schools. The programme consists of nine different tours throughout each year.
Scifest® Africa has contracted various science communication entities in South Africa to present content, e.g. exhibitions, science shows, workshops, educational theatre productions, etc. during each festival.and the MTN Sciencentre has been contracted to present exhibitions, science shows, workshops and other events,

We wish you all the best of luck!

We are setting up camp at Ratanga Junction this holiday season, so come on down and challenge your logic with puzzling things or experience the weightlessness of space travel with a spin on the human gyroscope.
Ratanga Junction will be open from 26-28 November and 3 December – 18 January.
We hope to see you there!!


sms “SCIENCE” to 38021 and spread the word…

sms ‘SCIENCE’ to 38021

November 11, 2010

Tell all your friends, tell your children, your parents, your grandparents, teachers, colleagues, bosses, neighbours, tell EVERYONE that we need their help to build the Cape Town Science Centre.

There are many WAYS TO HELP

A tax certificate will be issued for any donation over R100. You will then be able to claim a portion of this donation back with your South African tax return.
The Interactive Science Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation (031-701-NPO) and registered as a Public Benefit Organisation in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act of South Africa (PBO: 18/11/12/2663).

..and don’t miss

Our story on 50/50 on SABC 2 at 19:30 on Monday 29 November


November 3, 2010

The new home of the MTN Sciencentre (soon to become the Cape Town Science Centre) has finally been secured!! The search for the our new location has been a extensive one indeed which has put the pressure on the fund- raising efforts to make sure that the new science centre open as soon as possible.

The new location next to the Groote Schuur hospital in Upper Main Road, Observatory, is central and close to public transport, and will therefore be very accessible. This factor is an important objective in the overall plan of providing a science centre that serves all the communities of Cape Town.

It is with YOUR help and support that we can make the looming scares of the extinction of the science centre yet a distant memory. Its about positivity, and NEW beginnings!! Your help is essential, and we are making an urgent appeal to those who are able to assist, to ensure that this valuable resource is not lost to the communities of Cape Town, the Western Cape and South Africa.

Anyone who is able to help the Sciencentre in its quest to continue its work should contact the Sciencentre’s Director, Julie Cleverdon, on 083 276 9501 or 021 405 9439 or

Also, please visit our website for more information on how to BECOME A SUPPORTER. Without your help, the future of the science centre is at a serious risk.
Lets join forces and help create seriously super scientific success story!!!

Leave your comment!

Please note that our details have changed
E-mail us on:
Or call us on: T: 021 405 9435 F: 021 405 9436

Visit us at for up-to-date information upcoming Calender Events, and where to catch the action of our Mobile Sciencentre Team!!

The AQUARIUM in the sky…

October 26, 2010

The Cape Town International Kite Festival 2010

The Cape Town International Kite Festival 2010 was host to our ever popular WCED Mobile Sciencentre this past weekend, and what a success it was for all, with over 24 000 people attending over the 2 days.

The scientific superstars were parked in prime position. Upon entry no one could miss the science fundi’s dressed in yellow and from the word “go” the stand was packed with inquisitive minds all wanting a taste of the magic.

The best parking spot at the festival!

With our spectacular display of Puzzling Things the many curious minds were kept intrigued for hours upon end, having fun learning, with the help and guidance of our fantastic facilitators.

A big thank you goes out to the organisers of the Cape Town Kite Festival 2010 and all the thousands of visitors, who showed their interest and support over the weekend.

Our friendly facilitators are always there to lend a helping hand.

Don’t miss the WCED Mobile Sciencentre at the Two Oceans Aquarium on Saturday 30 October for The event that is being hosted in the spirit of Halloween!

The MTN Sciencentre needs your support. We have embarked on THE NEXT STEP and are doing our utmost to keep the science centre dream alive. This is not possible without your continued support. Your voice in spreading awareness of our fund raising campaign THE NEXT STEP plays a vital role in our future, and the only way that we will be able to open our doors to the public as the even bigger, even better Cape Town Science Centre.

Leave your comment!

Please note that our details have changed
E-mail us on:
Or call us on: T: 021 405 9435 F: 021 405 9436

We got the intention to further invention!
For more information on how to BECOME A SUPPORTER visit our website

New TEMPORARY base for the Science Centre

October 25, 2010

We are proud to announce that we have now settled into our new temporary base, where the head office shall remain until The Cape Town Science Centre reopens in 2011.

The time leading up to the move brought upon mixed emotions for the team. The past 10 years spent at Canal Walk have been amazing and we have grown so much. The change can be daunting. It seemed to just creep up on us, and suddenly, there we were, packing up the last of the stationary from the head office, and en-route to our new headquarters. Alas, as frightening as change can be at times, it is necessary for growth, and very exciting times lie ahead in THE NEXT STEP.

Packing the Pickfords van: the first of many trips to our new base.

The move would not have been possible without the professional services of Pickfords. The team of movers worked hard to ensure that the process was as quick and painless as possible, and all in a days’ work.

Another load!

We are now safely set up and ready to continue with our major goal, to open the new and improved Cape Town Science Centre. Our education department has everything they need to continue with our sterling outreach programme, and the WCED Mobile Sciencentre continues – business as usual!!

The Science Centre wouldn’t be the same without the constant hive of activity that takes place on a daily basis. It’s what keeps us on our toes, always ready to take on the next challenge, always looking for our next adventure.

THE NEXT STEP is upon us, and it is with your continued support and positivity that we will be able to effectively carry our massive public fundraising campaign in order to open our doors next year as new and improved Cape Town Science Centre. We need your support.
Help us make history, by spreading the word and awareness, so we can build a better future for science and the Cape Town Science Centre together!
Your support will make a difference! Science is the future, lets embrace it together!
E-mail us on:
Or call us on: T: 021 405 9435 F: 021 405 9436
Leave your comment!
We got the intention to further invention!
For more information on how to BECOME A SUPPORTER visit our website